10 tips lose weight quickly easily

We all want to lose weight and trying so hard, exhausting himself too much eating weight loss pills and exercise hard, and spends too much time in the gym and the search for the perfect diet to lose weight, but losing weight much easier, and will not take you this time or the effort that you is doing in the previous

1. The Smart Snack :

the Smart Snack

No one asks you to stop eating meals quite light, but instead eat intelligently, everyone including you know that fast food would add to your weight a lot at the same time you feel a lot of hunger between meals so we recommend you to eat snacks rich in protein such as peanuts, fruits and nuts butter

2. Do not take food while watching television:

Do not take food while watching television

Research has proven that if you consume your dinner (or any other meal) while watching TV, you can eat up to 40% price more heat than usual, not recommended By engaging to watch TV or read books or other while eating

3. Check your weight daily:

Check your weight daily

To maintain the test weight on a regular basis gives you a permanent warning whether increasing day after day, it will be will motivate you to control eating and choose your food more wisely

4. Exercises three times a week:

Exercises three times a week

The regular exercise, will help you get the muscle mass, which in turn will lead to speed up your metabolism

5. Don't Engage your mind the satisfy your desires for food:

Don't Engage your mind the satisfy your desires for food

Research has shown that intense desire for food does not last more than 5 minutes, all you need is just a little restraint, transforming your mind by calling your friend, for example, talk to him or enjoying watching tv for you forget food

6. Eat what you want in breakfast:

eat what you want in breakfast

 People tend to skip their meal and breakfast in order to lose weight, which does not suggest at all. Such people eventually eat more than the last time! LOL! Meal sumptuous breakfast and keep the hunger pangs away from the rest of the day! Eat all meals at the right time

7. Refrain from alcohol:

refrain from alcohol

Alcohol regardless of the kind that would add a lot to your weight, you may look like a small thing, but they add a lot to your body, if you take off for alcohol on a regular basis you will see results within two weeks

8. Eating fruit twice a day:

eating fruit twice a day

Regularly eating fruit twice a day keep your belly full and keeps you away from eating junk, and fiber-rich fruits, and will be good for your body

9. Take enough sleep:

take enough sleep

Complete the daily quota of sleep helps your body to rest and regularity of metabolism and lack of tension that drives you to eat sugars in abundance

10. Imagine yourself graceful:

Imagine yourself graceful

The mind game require that you see yourself graceful, and therefore your body will try to reach for the image painted by your mind


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