Diabetes 10 preventive method

The incidence of diabetes it in increased continuously and eerily, but the contrast is one of the more diseases that can be prevented.

Almost 25% of people expected to become infected to Pre-diabetes, a condition in which the high sugar level and to later developed to diabetes within ten years

But only 4% of people are aware of this, and therefore falls upon themselves  reduce the risk of diabetes to the half, and by reducing their weight, eat less food and do exercises always, and there are other healthy habits you can follow to protect yourself from diabetes, and ensure that no infection , which means prevention of medication throughout life, in addition to dispensing control sugar level constantly, and reduce the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer's disease, and other diseases that threaten our health

Everyone can start now Prevention of risk of diabetes:

 1. Weight Loss

loss of 4 kg at least to limit to risk of diabetes significantly, the very people who suffer from obesity, they are  risk of infection by 70% but when they start to lose weight the probability of diabetes fell to  5% only without exercise, if your weight was 79 kg you any less than 4 kilograms lose, you should to use the calculator calories for monitoring how many of calories consumed , and how many of calories burned needed to reach the ideal weight.

2. Choose the correct appetizers

We suggest you eat authorities or some vegetables with a little vinegar before eating   carbohydrates dish, it will help control high sugar level in the blood

In a study of the University of Arizona found that people with diabetes type II or the so-called insulin resistance was have the level of sugar in the blood low

that when they eat two spoons of vinegar before a meal of carbohydrates, says Dr. Carol Johnson president of Studies and Research: The vinegar contains to acetic acid, which can disrupt the digest of starchy enzymes, and thus slow the digestion of carbohydrates, proving that vinegar has a similar effect of drugs that reduce the level of sugar in the blood

Before eating the main course you can Enjoy with blended power with three tablespoons of vinegar with two tablespoons of flax-seed oil, one clove of minced garlic, a quarter teaspoon of honey, and three tablespoons of milk and add salt and pepper.

3. get rid of the car

walk everyday, is usually healthy Even if no lose some weight, they created In a Finnish study that people who try out for up more than 4 hours per week, or about 35 minutes a day,Were able to overcome the risk of diabetes by 80%, although it has not been there a loss some weight, has been conducting several studies and that résult was that women who exercise even begin to sweat more than once a week, has been reduced risk of developing diabetes have less by 30% , in a Chinese research found that people who suffer from a high level of sugar in the blood,And practicing a moderate (and other living patterns) have been able to reduce the development of diabetes by 40%.
Why walking may be useful? Studies have shown that exercise helps the body to secrete the hormone insulin more effectively, thus moving blood cells loaded with sugar more about the cells that provide nutrients and energy, but not to the accumulation of sugar in the bloodstream, leading to blockage of blood vessel walls, and gradually cause health problems serious

4. Be aware of the benefits of grain

The choice of the right kind of full grain, give you fitness and regulates the level of sugar in the blood, and eating whole grains frequently and his close association to ease the risk of breast cancer, diabetes type II, high blood pressure and stroke

5. Enjoy drinking coffee

If you are a fan of coffee proceed with your drinking, the coffee is challenge of developing diabetes.

After a study of 210 people at Harvard University, he has was 126 people that men and women who drank more than six cups of coffee a day, they have decreased the risk of developing type II diabetes by between 29% to 54%

6. Avoid fast food

The fast food does not pose a threat if it was rarely, but if you are often eat it significantly, it increases the risk of developing diabetes seriously, this is proven by scientists at the University of Minnesota after study period the fifteen years that was conducted on 3,000 people ages from 18 to 30 years. In the beginning it was all normal weight, but who ate fast food more than twice a week  they  increased more than 4 kilograms in weight and the development of their resistance insulin was rate to double

7. eating vegetables more than eating meat

 eating flesh should be reward for you, not eat every day, women who ate red meat five times a week, have risk the likelihood of developing diabetes, Type II rise by 29% more than women who ate one time at least a week, according to a study in Bergam  hospital for women that eating meat processing such as meat bacon or hot dogs for at least five times a week, raises the risk of developing type II diabetes by 43% compared with those who ate it once a week at least, what is the reason? Scientists suspect that the cholesterol in red meat additive to meat processor is the reason

8. rid of daily tensions

The chronic stress causes high blood sugar level, and when they are tense,  cause rapid heartbeat and rapid breathing and stomach spasm, it also causes in high blood sugar levels.

9. Enjoy to take premium comfort

The get enough of the quiet sleep has a positive effect of prevention of diabetes, in a study of Yale University conducted on 1709 men they created that sleep routinely for less than six hours multiply their injury compared with people who sleep more than eight hours.

10. accompanied companionship fun

Diabetes affects women who Suffer of the unit by 2.5 times greater than women who enjoyed the company of friends or partner or children according to a study published in the journal Diabetes Care, researchers tested the role of family life in the development of diabetes among 461 women between the ages of 50 to 64 years, and was the result of diabetes is higher among women living alone


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