Exercises - Plus Strongest Energy

You know all of the good-for-you arguments for becoming more physically active, but here’s an especially attractive reward: exercise can improve your sex life.

Being physically active helps you feel more interested in sex, gives you the energy and strength you need for enjoying your partner or yourself more, reduces the stress that can block sexual interest and builds the muscles used in sexual intimacy.

Research has shown that exercise increases women’s sex-related arousal—even if they were suffering from low libido before starting training. That impact is most powerful 15 minutes after training (a valid reason to work out at home!).

These exercises can help increase your libido and pleasure:

  • Aerobic exercise of all types—brisk walking, dance, riding, diving, jogging—improves blood circulation, which facilitates full sex-related confidence. It also enhances bronchi capacity and heart stamina for retaining sex-related activities as long as you want. 

  • Do floor exercises to strengthen your flexibility and stamina. While lying on your back, try gentle pelvic arches, lower body lifts and thigh stretches. And don’t forget the importance of being able to support your body’s weight during sex. To get in shape for that, lie on the floor face down and do modified push-ups (keep lower leg bent on the mat or carpet).

  • Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and are known for improving urinary incontinence in women and men, but these exercises also may help women reach orgasm and increase sexual functioning.

  • Pilates and yoga both build core muscles and so are likely to benefit sexual activity. Women have reported anecdotally that these methods have helped them. A 2010 study found that Pilates improved pelvic muscle strength as much as a pelvic floor muscle-training program in females with little or no efficient problem. Recent yoga exercises research determined that females registered in a 12-week yoga exercises program significantly enhanced their sexual functions in all categories: desire, excitement, oiling, climax, fulfillment and less pain.  


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