Healthy food-before shopping tips

Healthy food shopping is the first step toward healthy eating.

Follow these tips as you fill your shopping cart.

· Do not go shopping when you’re hungry. First eat something healthy like an apple or some graham crackers.

· Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables first, bread and cereals next, and finally fish, poultry, meat and dairy products.

· Buy as many fresh foods as possible. Canned, packaged and frozen foods often have added fat, salt and sugar.

· Remember to check packages for freshness dates.

· Buy large packages of foods only if you can share with a friend.

· If you are unable to share, decide which size item is best for you. A large can or package may seem like a better deal, but it is not a
bargain if most of the contents are thrown away.

· Frozen vegetables purchased in bags are economical because you can use small amounts at a time.

· If an item at the meat or fresh produce counter is too large, ask an employee to repackage it.

· Read the content labels on packaged and canned foods. The contents are listed in decreasing order. The first item listed indicates the product contains more of that ingredient than any of the others listed. The remaining ingredients are listed in descending order (decreasing amounts).

· The calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat and sodium per serving are also listed on the “Nutrition Facts” label.

· And finally, don’t try to change all of your eating habits at once. Start with one change, such as eating more fresh vegetables or switching from whole milk to low fat milk. When you’re comfortable with that change, you can then make another.


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