Manage Weight  Tips — Exercise

Details for Patients

Successful body weight Loss involves reducing the quantity of calorie consumption you take in,
increasing your work out stage, and making lifestyle changes. These details will help you comprehend how work out can impact your weight.

Regular physical exercise:

• increases the rate at which you burn calories (metabolism)
• increases your energy level
• improves your sleep
• prevents the loss of muscle mass during weight reduction
• reduces your risk of certain chronic diseases (cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure,
and diabetes)
• improves your bone density
• improves your self-esteem and sense of control

How to get started

Beginning an exercise plan can be a difficult first step. Here are some practical tips to
help you get started:

• Choose activities you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle. You’ll be more apt to
stick to a plan if it is something you really enjoy and can do easily.

• Discover an work out friend. It’s more fun and more encouraging if you have someone to
exercise with you.

• If you have not been effective, convenience into an exercise schedule. Begin with 10 to 15 minutes
of exercising a day and gradually increase this to Half an hour every day.
Brisk strolling is a fantastic way to begin with.

• Remember all of the little things you can do throughout the day to burn calories.
They really add up:

- Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
- Park your car a little farther away and walk the extra distance.
- Skip the golf cart or caddie — carry your own clubs.
- Get off the bus a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way.
- Take a walk during your lunch break.
- Forget the remote. Get out of the chair to change the channel.
- Wash your car instead of going through a car wash.

• Cut down on how long you spend sitting:

- Restrict your tv or laptop or computer time.
- Move to the mail box or local shop.
- Take a break from the computer every hour while at work. Get up and take a walk around the office.
- Work in the garden, clean your house,or go dancing.
- Play catch, Frisbee, or some other outdoor activity.
- Make a list of all the sedentary things you do during the day (things you do while sitting down) and figure out a way to reduce them by 1 hour.


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