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Effective body weight LOSS includes reducing the quantity of calorie consumption you take in, increasing your work out stage, and creating way of life changes.

Understanding how and why you eat are two big actions toward creating changes in your lifestyle to shed body weight. Making slowly changes and having genuine objectives will help you reach
those greatest goals:

decreased body weight and a healthier body system.

Here are some ways you can make changes:

Keep track of everything you eat, the times of day you eat, and how you are feeling at those times. This may help you identify times when you overeat, eat out of boredom, or eat automatically or unconsciously.

Slow down. Put your fork down between bites and chew all of your food thoroughly.Remember that it takes 20 to 30 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you are full.

• Use more compact dishes and containers. Dinner plates have started by 2 " wide over the last 20 years. It now takes more meals to complete up the dish.

• Don’t eat status up. Being seated at the table with meals on a dish makes you realize and keep in mind what you eat.

Brush your teeth after meals and snacks.This gets the taste of food out of your mouth.

Don’t keep candy or snack food out 
where you can see it and easily be tempted.Remember the old saying: “out of sight,out of mind.”

Concentrate on eating when you are eating. Don’t eat while watching television or reading.

Shop from a list and avoid going to the grocery store when you are hungry.

Be positive and realistic about your

approach to losing weight. Forget the “all or nothing” approach. One meal doesn’t blow an entire week’s or month’s effort.

Just get back on track at your next meal.

If you are at a buffet, take a little bit of everything you want to try. A good rule of thumb is to leave enough space so that one food doesn’t touch another on your plate.

• Put on tight-fitting outfits if you think you’ll be influenced to overindulge.

• Try not to brand meals as “bad,” “illegal,”or “forbidden.” It’s not so much what you
eat, but how much you eat that contributes the pounds.

Give up on guilt. One cookie, brownie, or piece of cake won’t make you gain weight.
Feeling guilty about it and then overeating as a result can.

• Remember the 5 Ds to fight cravings:

° DELAY from eating for at least 10 minutes after you have a craving so that eating
is not impulsive but is a conscious activity.

° DISTRACT yourself from giving in to a craving by doing something that requires concentration.

° DISTANCE yourself from food. Leave the room, or if you’re at a restaurant,ask the waiter to remove your plate.

° DETERMINE how important it is for you to eat the food you crave and how much you really want it.

° DECIDE what amount is reasonable and appropriate. Eat it slowly and savor every bite.

Stay on Track

Try to think of your weight loss plan as“management” rather than “control.” Managing
your cravings, managing your exercise, and planning your grocery shopping trips will
help you reach your goals. Trying to control everything can lead to disappointment. Everyone
has ups and downs. It’s important to stay motivated. If you go overboard one day, don’t
give up. Just get right back on track the next day.


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