Top 10 tips weight loss

1. Hydrate, Moisturize, the most convenient way to speed up weight-loss and alkalise your system is to keep constantly moisturized. This doesn’t mean drink a liter of water in the morning & then neglect it for the rest of the day but constantly hydrate throughout the day. Keep a container of water on your table and aim for at least 2-3 ltrs a day. Avoid coffee, tea, soda and other acid beverages especially diet beverages – see tip 2

2. Avoid artificial sweeteners they are toxins – aspartame is one of the most dangerous substances to be foisted on an unsuspecting public. They also contribute to weight gain by helping to produce an acid environment so that your body will store more fat in order to protect itself from the toxins.

3. Avoid foods with preservatives, food colouring and additives - Our bodies aren’t designed to deal with these chemical substances, it can only eliminate a certain amount via the kidneys & skin and the rest it either has to neutralise by taking acid-neutralising minerals such as calcium from our bones and cells or by parking it in our fat where it can’t damage our body.

4. Chew your food – today’s busy lifestyles mean that we often eat on the move and rush our meals, this means our bodies are accumulating undigested food. Nutrients do not get extracted properly and undigested food becomes fodder for bacteria in the colon which can lead to bacteria overgrowth. Food digestion starts in the mouth and triggers the rest of the digestive process so train yourself to chew each mouthful until its almost liquidised. Eating this way also means you enjoy your food more and will feel full with less food fast eaters will have normally exceeded their level of fullness before the brain signals the full feeling.

5. Aim for a mostly alkaline diet - a healthy body can cope with a 50/50 acid alkaline balance but one that’s not functioning at its optimum or is overweight needs more alkaline foods and an 80/20 split in favour of an alkaline balance will help address problems caused by a bad diet.

6. Green beverages and meals – beverages such as barley lawn juice are some of the best meals on the globe providing much of the nutritional value we are losing from our daily diet program. You can eat as much natural meals (vegetables and salad) as you like the 5 a day motto is a lowest not a highest possible. 

7. Keep a food diary – make notes on days when you feel good and when you don’t it will help you know what you are eating and what the triggers are –concentrate on healthy eating rather than getting thin.

8. Exercise – It’s a mixture of excellent work out and dieting that gets the best outcomes you won’t be successful as well if you do just one or the other.

9. Don’t give up – If you have a bad moment and blow it with a chocolate bar don’t think “oh well might as well just start tomorrow or next week “ counteract it with eating healthy things for the rest of the day and adding a bit more exercise.

10. Focus – get a target, use a photo of when you were at an ideal weight or a dress that you want to get into, its hard to aim for something if you don’t know what that is, then keep reminding yourself what you want until you get there. 


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